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MMS Offices and Training Center MMS Director Joshua Jacks (left) with Volunteer Court Mediators MMS founder and former Director Joan Sokoloff Signs Certificates of Training Mediator-Trainer Doug Thompson (right) Conducting a Training Role Play

Metropolitan Mediation Services (MMS) is an innovative organization which has offered mediation services in the Greater Boston area since 1984. MMS provides mediation services to businesses, government agencies, schools, courts, social service agencies, and individuals from Greater Boston neighborhoods and families. We also provide conflict resolution training to business people, attorneys, judges, mental health professionals and educators, among many others. MMS mediators and trainers have a wealth of experience, training, and education in mediation and conflict resolution. MMS has a multi-disciplinary staff which includes attorneys, social workers, and educators from elementary through graduate level. Metropolitan Mediation Services offers a variety of dispute resolution programs and services, including:

Mediations at MMS are informal conversations with the help of third party, neutral mediators. 

Mediation by MMS is free. 

MMS coordinates a meeting time and place accessible to the participants and invites the participants to attend. 

Participation is voluntary. 

At the mediation, participants are invited to hear one each other’s concerns and perspectives directly from one another and see if they can use the opportunity to move in an agreeable direction which helps to resolve the dispute.  Generally, mediators begin with everyone speaking and listening to one another together in the same room.  Sometimes, if the mediator feels it would be of service, the mediators might meet with each side privately.  The mediators do not decide either who is right or wrong, nor what should happen.  We hope this voluntary opportunity will serve the interests of all the participants. 

Confidentiality is the spirit and practice in mediation by MMS, and is protected by statute (MGL Ch. 233, s. 23C) and, in court referred matters, by the SJC Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution.

For more information or to take advantage of Metropolitan Mediation Services’ mediation or training services, call us at 617-241-0300. For a printable brochure about MMS, click the link below. It may take a few minutes for this document to download, so please be patient.  Printable brochure (Pdf format)

MMS provides mediation trainings open to the public each year in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Call for dates or other information on our next mediation training.


Mediation for Self Referred or Agency Referred Clients:  Family matters, neighborhood disputes, inter-business conflicts, workplace conflicts, health care provider/client conflicts. Boston Municipal Courts (BMC)
MMS serves the following BMC courts and neighborhoods of Boston: Allston, Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury
Mediation Training:
MMS provides trainings to the general public and to agencies and organizations.  We are proud to have been selected as trainers for local Police, the US E.P.A., the US Federal Executive Board, and Massachusetts Trial Courts, among others.  Learn More: Upcoming Mediator Trainings (CEU, PDP, MMCEP credits!)
Massachusetts District Courts
MMS serves the following District Courts and communities: Avon, Brookline, Canton, Chelsea, Newton, Revere, Sharon, Stoughton.
Supervised Practice Opportunities
MMS has been an innovative leader in Massachusetts in organizing and formalizing opportunities for trained mediators to develop skills through a six month program of structured, supervised/mentored practice.
Massachusetts Juvenile Courts
MMS serves Massachusetts Juvenile Courts in Middlesex, Norfolk, and Suffolk counties.
Service to Youth and Schools
MMS is proudest of our decades long commitment and experience providing conflict resolution service and training to area high schools and middle schools.  In these programs, youths learn to address their own and others' conflicts using techniques that preserve relationships, safety, and peace.


Telephone: 617-241-0300
Fax: 617-734-6385
Email: MMS Director

Correspondence should be sent to MMS primary location in the neighborhood of "Brookline Village," where trainings and many other activities take place.  The address is:

Metropolitan Mediation Services
40 Webster Place
Brookline, MA 02445-7937

Walking Directions from Green Line Brookline Village station

Brookline, Massachusetts is a community immediately adjacent to Boston. Brookline Village is easily accessible by the "D" Green line. There is onsite and street parking. The village is known for its interesting variety of shops and restaurants.